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  Navigating hard conversations surrounding sensitive topics like politics, racism or religion can cause strain on any relationship, whether it be with friends or acquaintances, co-workers, family or even a spouse. Knowing or discovering that you…
It’s difficult to watch a loved one struggle with the disease of addiction. For some, the consequences of their substance use or simply having a loved one express concern will be motivation enough to seek help and pursue recovery….
What do dads really need to be not just great but healthy dads? Turns out respect, encouragement, and permission to parent differently than moms are just a few of their needs explains psychologist and proud dad Dr. Ron DeVries.
It can be hard to watch someone you love struggle with anxiety or depression. You may not be able to fix it completely, but you CAN offer love and patience.
Research clearly shows the importance of relationships in leading healthy lives. People with healthy relationships are fifty percent less likely to die prematurely. They are also better able to cope with stress, are healthier, and feel better about…
In the world of coupledom, there are many highs in the relationship and then some unexpected lows. There is no true destination in a relationship other than living a life together that fosters support, love and growth. You’ve met someone you adore…
“Were it not for the strength of our military families and their willingness to sacrifice, we couldn’t protect our nation and way of life like we do,” said Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr. at a 2016 National…
Eyes say volumes even when people in pain choose not to verbalize. What those eyes communicate helps guide how groups are led through crisis.
In the acts of loving and showing friendship, people will make some mistakes. Sincere apologies acknowledge the pain you caused someone, show you accept responsibility and demonstrate a level of vulnerability. An apology helps restore tranquility,…
  Four parents, 16 grandparents, 10 Christmas celebrations, split holiday vacation… While this could be some strange rendition of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” it actually represents the challenging reality blended families face….


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