Tips to Help Your Middle School Student Develop Good Study Habits


Middle school is more academically rigorous than elementary school. Homework becomes more intense and may take a couple hours each night. Teens may need extra support in the beginning of the year as they learn to make this adjustment.

Parents, you can help teach your child how to develop and maintain good study habits!

Tips on how to help your middle school student develop good study habits

Provide a dedicated study spot.

Make sure your child has a quiet, well-lit and distraction-free place of their own to study. This can be their bedroom, the dining room table, a corner of the living room, or even a patio table outside when the weather is nice. A designated study spot helps give teens focus and gives them a sense of ownership and control over their workload.

Eliminate distractions during study time.

This means no phone, no tablet, no TV, and no surfing online.

Practice studying for tests.

Learning how to study for tests at this age is especially important. Talk to your teen about when tests are scheduled, and plan extra study time accordingly.

Stress the importance of healthy sleep habits.

Teach your teen that a good night’s sleep is smarter than cramming for tests into the late night hours. Studies show that students who sacrifice sleep to cram are more likely to struggle on those tests. Check out our Healthy Sleep Tips for Children & Teens blog for more information.

Helping your middle schooler to develop good study skills is hard work, but investing in effective study habits early on can help set your teen up for success for the rest of their academic career!

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