Parent Tips: Connecting with Your Partner this Summer

Summer means the kids are out of school and likely spending more time at home with you. For many parents, the new routine makes us happy in some ways and not-so-happy in other ways, because let’s face it – while summer can be a lot of fun for kids, it’s also a lot of work when you’re a parent! If you’re going to successfully make it to August, you’ll need breaks where you get time alone with your spouse or significant other.

You don’t have to make it complicated, but you will need to be deliberate about carving out time for each other. Here are some easy ways you can squeeze in some alone time together during the busy, kid-filled summer months.

Creating Time for Your Relationship

  • Send the kids outside while the two of you chat or cook dinner together.
  • Make plans to sit out on the deck or porch after the kids go to bed.
  • Ask kids to play on their own for 30 minutes while the two of you catch up after getting home from work.
  • Hire a babysitter on a Saturday and go on a day date – enjoy a bike ride, lunch at your favorite cafe or a picnic on the beach, just the two of you.

You don’t need to feel bad about letting your kids see you prioritize time together! After all, spending quality time with your partner will help create an enjoyable environment for your children. It will also help you arrive in August feeling well connected to both your kids and your significant other!


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Summer can be a lot of fun for kids, but it’s also a lot of work when you’re a parent. Here are a few tips to help your family to relax, have fun and connect with each other this summer!

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