Why Taking Time Off is So Important for Your Mental Health

By: Pine Rest Staff

Many of us like to save our vacation days and only use them sparingly so we know there are always plenty available if we need them.

But is holding onto vacation days always the best choice? Especially for our mental health?

There are many good reasons for us to go ahead and use those vacation days we’ve worked so hard to earn. Taking time away from work can be a great way to re-connect with our family through recreation and other activities.

Four Reasons to Take Some Time Off

1. Your Family.

Taking a little time off means family projects can be tackled, fun day trips can be planned, or we can simply be available to our family during times when we would normally be at work. These can be special times that break up our normal family routine and a terrific way to become closer to those we love and create some unforgettable memories.

2. Personal Growth.

A little vacation – or even a staycation – can also be a great time to work on personal goals. Perhaps we have a hobby we’ve been meaning to start or a subject we’ve wanted to learn. Maybe we’ve simply been dreaming of the hammock in the backyard with a good book and a glass of lemonade.

Whatever our personal goals may be, taking our vacation days can give us a chance to jump-start our plans and make progress in ways that our normal schedules may not allow.

3. Avoid Burnout.

Taking some personal time can also be an effective way to avoid work-related burnout. Over the long run, our normal days off from work do not give us enough time to rest our minds and bodies from the daily stresses of our lives.

4. Stay Healthier and Happier.

These daily stressors can be hard on us and can lead to depression, mental and physical fatigue, irritability and other problems that take away from our abilities to enjoy life. This can have a negative effect on our relationships, contribute to health problems, and reduce our abilities to function well at work.

Vacation days provide us with the type of extended rest our minds and bodies need to stay healthy and for us to function at our very best. So go ahead, take some time off. Your mental health will thank you!


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