Pine Rest Christian Homes Resident Life Enhancement Fund

By: Pine Rest Staff


Life Enhancement fund will have an immediate impact on PRCH residents

In the Spring of 2016, Jim and Dode Compere contacted the Pine Rest Foundation with a question – does Pine Rest have a fund that supports special ‘extras’ for the residents at the Pine Rest Christian Homes (PRCH)…a fund that would ‘enhance’ the lives of the residents? The Comperes’ wish was to give to PRCH in a way that would benefit all residents, above and beyond their basic daily needs. A few conversations later, the Pine Rest Christian Homes Resident Life Enhancement Fund was established with an initial gift from the Compere family.

Gifts made to the Fund will be used to provide things ‘out of the ordinary’ that would enhance and improve the lives of all PRCH residents. The Fund will support three key areas – ongoing improvements to the internal environment and external surroundings of the Homes, support for special activities for residents such as social outings and movie nights, and financial assistance for special personal needs of the residents. It is not an endowed fund but a current-use fund, meaning that staff can respond to needs as they arise.

The Comperes’ son is a resident at the Homes, so they understand the importance of Pine Rest staff having the ability to provide a warm and caring atmosphere for all residents:

“We are thrilled the Pine Rest Foundation has added this new fund. We feel it will fill a real need as the example below illustrates. Injecting ‘pluses’ into the lives of these residents will be wonderful!” — Jim and Dode Compere

Last month, a PRCH resident needed a computer modem for his bedroom. However, he did not have enough money from his monthly allowance to purchase one. Staff at the Homes knew about this need and were able to utilize resources from the Life Enhancement Fund to purchase a new wireless modem and give it to him for his birthday. He was delighted! Nancy Carter, PRCH Program Supervisor, said “The Pine Rest Christian Homes Resident Life Enhancement Fund will be life changing for our residents. We are so excited for the opportunity to bless these special people with things to make their lives happier. They are such an appreciative group; I know the opportunities that this fund will provide will make a big difference to everyone. It is a blessing beyond words!” We invite you to join us in helping to enhance the lives of our PRCH residents. If you are interested in making a gift to the Pine Rest Christian Homes Resident Life Enhancement Fund, please contact the Pine Rest Foundation at 616.455.8680 or 800.248.3485.

fyi_newsletter_cover_fall2016This article originally appeared in the Fall 2016 issue of FYI, a newsletter of the Pine Rest Foundation.

The Pine Rest Foundation provides Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services with financial resources and community support by generating philanthropic gifts for the Patient Assistance Fund, the Pine Rest Foundation Endowment, and for special projects.

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