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Sober curiosity involves becoming more aware of your drinking, decisions around drinking, and developing a healthier relationship with alcohol
When we understand addiction as a disease, we are more likely to provide empathy and support to someone who may be struggling with substance use disorder.

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It’s tempting to rush to faith-driven explanations for seemingly senseless events and tragedy, but they often incite further hurt, frustration or even rage.
Time does not heal all wounds, especially childhood abuse. Survivors often put on a happy face while shame and grief become increasingly heavy burdens.
Summer is full of promise and possibility. Embrace the potential and remind yourself that the time and energy you proactively put into creating a positive structured environment this summer will be well worth it!
It is not uncommon for women to set very high expectations for themselves during pregnancy and when baby arrives. After giving birth, new moms might expect to get back in shape, feel rested and refreshed, maintain a clean house, prepare healthy meals…

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