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Give yourself and those you love the best gift ever this season: Continued recovery through sobriety!
The holidays can seem overwhelming when you’re the parent of a new little one. These tips from Pine Rest’s PMAD team can help you AND baby enjoy a happy, healthy holiday season!
Contentment is a skills we must learn and practice over a lifetime. By incorporating the following activities into your daily life, you can create an environment which cultivates contentment in your life.

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Following a traumatic event, it’s typical to experience a variety of emotions such as shock, sorrow, and numbness or have difficulty concentrating, sleeping, eating or remembering simple tasks.
If you’re scrolling through Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest or Tik Tok, you may have seen that “The Soft Life” post. It has been gaining popularity on social media among minority women, specifically black women.  The soft life…
No one is exempt from PTSD. It can permanently and profoundly impact anyone. But there is hope. With faith, love, support and resources, any person can thrive in spite of PTSD.
When we feel stress and anxiety, two effective ways for bringing relief are breathing and prayer. For centuries, faith traditions have combined these two common, everyday human actions as a means for caring for oneself and getting through tense…

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