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There are a variety of ways to handle stress, but all of them depend upon the individuals’ willingness and ability to make some significant changes in their lives.
Learn how to support parents of children with ASD and teach your child to be a good friend to those who are on the spectrum.
Increasing your organization’s EAP utilization is an investment that allows you to gain maximum value from the service you purchase and, more importantly, helps build a culture within your organization where employees feel valued and supported.

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Family members can be an invaluable resource for individuals dealing with serious mental illnesses. By learning more about the illness, you can support your loved one through diagnosis and beyond.
Delirium tremens (more commonly known as DTs) are the most severe form of alcohol withdrawal that can happen when a person with heavy and long-term alcohol usage stops drinking suddenly.
Coloring–it’s not just for kids! Learn more about the meditative and mental health benefits of creating mandalas.
Sober curiosity involves becoming more aware of your drinking, decisions around drinking, and developing a healthier relationship with alcohol
When we understand addiction as a disease, we are more likely to provide empathy and support to someone who may be struggling with substance use disorder.
Even if you are not directly affected by a hurricane, you may struggle emotionally from witnessing the results of the disaster.
Tips on creating a plan to help manage your child’s fear about going back to school.
What is Dementia? Everyone knows that we become forgetful as we grow older, right? Wrong. Memory problems are not a normal part of aging, but it isn’t always easy to know the difference between normal changes that affect us as we grow older and…

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