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Sober curiosity involves becoming more aware of your drinking, decisions around drinking, and developing a healthier relationship with alcohol
When we understand addiction as a disease, we are more likely to provide empathy and support to someone who may be struggling with substance use disorder.

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There are a variety of ways to handle stress, but all of them depend upon the individuals’ willingness and ability to make some significant changes in their lives.
Certain medical conditions can also lead to an anxiety disorder. In many cases, the anxiety might be the first indication that a medical illness exists, especially if the anxiety develops suddenly in a person with no prior history of anxiety or…
Nearly 1 in 5 moms experience some form of PMAD during pregnancy or in the postpartum period, making it the most common complication of childbirth.
In any given year, about six million American adults experience a panic disorder. A sudden surge of overwhelming anxiety and fear, panic attacks often occur in familiar places where there is seemingly nothing threatening the individual. During an…

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