Online Therapy Can Reduce the Stress of Seeking Treatment

By: Pine Rest Staff

Smiling man sits at laptop computerWhen a doctor or family member recommends someone seek counseling, the recommendation is often dismissed because it seems logistically impossible. Many people struggle with how to fit a therapy routine into their hectic life due to a number of factors that get in the way. But online therapy can reduce the stress of seeking treatment!

Common Barriers to Seeking Therapy and Counseling

Child Care Dilemmas

For busy parents of small children, the thought of finding child-care every week to cover the times it takes to drive to a clinic, spend an hour in therapy, and then drive back home may feel more overwhelming than just continuing to deal with feeling depressed.

Long Work Weeks

Figuring out how to schedule routine therapy appointments while working 50 to 60 hours per week and possibly traveling for work as well may create its own panicky feeling.

Travel and Transportation Issues

Even if you have the time to come to appointments, what if you don’t have access to transportation to get there or would need to drive an hour or two each way?

A Easier Path to Therapy and Counseling

As a new mother returning to the workforce, I decided to begin providing online therapy to better accommodate my schedule and my family’s needs. Since I started, I have become more and more convinced that, just like online therapy made work easier for me, it makes accessing counseling services more manageable for many people.

Online therapy eliminates many of the barriers that keep people from seeking counseling and therapy. Whether you stay home with kids, work 12 hours a day, don’t have transportation, would have to drive quite a distance, or simply feel uncomfortable with the thought of going to a therapist’s office, online therapy is an avenue you may want to utilize to obtain the services that could be helpful to you.

All you need to take part in online therapy is:

  • A smartphone, tablet or any other device that allows you to download an app OR a computer with a webcam,
  • Access to the internet,
  • A private place you can go where you can talk and not be interrupted.

If you have these three things, you have everything you need to participate. So, no more excuses! Your health and wellbeing is worth it! Online therapy can help you reach your personal goals from the convenience of your home, work or even parked car.

Online Therapy at Pine Rest

Pine Rest has over 70 licensed therapists trained to provide online therapy. Our website provides information about how online therapy works, what to expect and information about the therapists like me who provide it.

Ready to schedule an appointment? You can make your first appointment right on our website. You’ll be connected to someone who can help you set up an appointment through a video chat.

Teletherapy Information

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