New Edinburgh Screening Recommendations for 15+

By: Pine Rest Staff

Woman holding infantWe are thrilled that we have been able to partner with so many professional groups to implement Edinburgh Screening to identify women with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

There truly is a positive movement in West Michigan to follow the best-practice of universal screening of pregnant and postpartum women, and we are so glad to be part of helping our partners identify moms who are struggling.

Unfortunately, despite being identified as needing further assessment or treatment, not all women are eager to connect with care. For that reason we are changing our recommendation on how community partners respond with some of the most vulnerable mothers, those who score 15 or higher on the Edinburgh.

We suggest that you handle any Edinburgh Score of 15 or higher as an emergency that requires assessment for hospitalization.

If a mother has private insurance

Call our hospital Contact Center before mom leaves your care for an evaluation for the Mother & Baby Program or Inpatient. When you call it is helpful if you tell us that you are with a woman who scored high on the Edinburgh and that you would like her evaluated for hospitalization.

If a woman has Medicaid or no insurance

We recommend you refer her to network180 or her local Community Mental Health Department for hospital evaluation.

  • network180: (616) 336-3909 or (800) 749-7720

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