Ask a Recovery Coach: Q&A With Megan Tyler

By: Megan Tyler, Recovery Coach

In Pine Rest’s residential program for addiction recovery, we have a team of experts including physicians, physician assistants, nurses, therapists, counselors and care providers specializing in substance use disorders. The recovery coach’s special skill is to share their own experience with recovery and to work on skills introduced in group therapy and recovery groups.

To learn more about this important role, we talked to Megan, a recovery coach in Pine Rest’s Retreat Residential program.

How long have you been a recovery coach?

I have been a recovery coach for five years, and I’ve been in recovery for six and a half years.

What is your focus as a recovery coach?

My goal is to help introduce recovery, the 12 steps and a new way of life without the need for drugs and alcohol.

Why did you decide to become a recovery coach?

I’m very grateful to the people that taught me coping skills and how to live in recovery. It was freely given to me, and I love to freely give it away!

What type of coping skills do you teach?

Coping with life on life’s terms is valuable for recovery, but I cannot give without using my own coping skills.

I started rock hunting a couple years into my recovery. Because of the serenity and peace in my life rock hunting created and continues to create, I am able to cope with any family concerns or issues as well as regain my identity and clarity which allows me to continue working in residential treatment and helping others develop their own coping skills to practice.

How I use these skills in rock hunting is that I focus on the beauty around me, such as nature and water. I often self-reflect while hunting my favorite rocks. (I will be looking for agates soon!)

What other practices support your recovery?

It takes willingness and hope to find what really makes you happy in life. I believe that my higher power knows exactly what my soul needs to feel fulfilled, calm and confident in my recovery.

Do you have any advice for others in recovery?

Find healthy pastimes and the things and you’re passionate about! Explore, experience, create and relate – LIVE!!

You are not alone! We can support you or your loved one at every step of recovery.

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