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There are a variety of ways to handle stress, but all of them depend upon the individuals’ willingness and ability to make some significant changes in their lives.
Learn how to support parents of children with ASD and teach your child to be a good friend to those who are on the spectrum.
Increasing your organization’s EAP utilization is an investment that allows you to gain maximum value from the service you purchase and, more importantly, helps build a culture within your organization where employees feel valued and supported.

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Whether you’re traveling by car, plane or other, Sarah DeYoung, LMSW, offers tips for parents of little ones to help ease the process!
Even if you are not directly affected by a hurricane, you may struggle emotionally from witnessing the results of the disaster.
Tips on creating a plan to help manage your child’s fear about going back to school.
A person with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) experiences frequent upsetting thoughts. About 2.2 million American adults have OCD, with about one-third of them reporting the onset during their childhood.
Fortunately, great progress has been made over the last two decades in treating people with anxiety disorders. Although the exact treatment approach depends on the type of disorder, most respond well to therapy or a combination of the therapy and medication.
Certain medical conditions can also lead to an anxiety disorder. In many cases, the anxiety might be the first indication that a medical illness exists.
A phobia is an unrealistic or exaggerated fear of a specific object, activity or situation that in reality presents little or no danger.

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