Therapists Help People Cope With Coronavirus Anxieties: WOOD TV 8 Interviews Pine Rest’s Lesley Hetterscheidt

April 6, 2020

On April 6, WOOD TV’s Whitney Burney interviewed Pine Rest’s Lesley Hetterscheidt, PhD, about the toll coronavirus-related concerns are having on her clients.

“It’s eliminating the coping skills that a lot of people can use to manage their anxiety and depression symptoms,” said Hetterscheidt. “Connecting with others … going to the gym, going to the movie with a friend. All those are coping skills that people use. And they have been cut off from those coping skills. An important message for our neighbors … social isoliation just means physical isolation.”

“It really is kind of the focus of most therapy sessions and people are struggling — understandably so. I think it’s been an adjustment period.”

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