Psych Tech Marianne Morell Honored with Hummingbird Lifetime Achievement Award

October 25, 2021

October 25, 2021

Congratulations to Marianne Morell, Psych Tech on the Pine Rest Hickory Unit and winner of the 2021 Hummingbird Lifetime Achievement Award!

Marianne is pictured here, second from the right, along with (L to R) Harmony Gould, vice president for hospital and residential services, Karen Farmer, Clinical Services Unit Manager, and Gretchen Johnson, Chief Nurse Executive.

This award was created by the PEW and Psych Tech Council to recognize outstanding Psych/Nurse Techs throughout Hospital and Residential Services who demonstrate:

  • A distinguished career as a Psych Tech in clinical profession, that promotes a positive role model.
  • Advocacy for the improvement of patient care and serves as an exemplar for enhancing the patient experience.
  • 25+ years of service.

Karen Farmer recalls the exemplary service Marianne has given patients over the course of her career:

“Through your dedication, you have positively impacted the lives of many—our patients, our staff, and our communities. You have worked tirelessly to improve the safety on our units—from the hundreds of miles you have logged completing safety checks on our patients to your unfailing efforts to keep our unit clean, organized and running smoothly. You have comforted countless people during crisis, offering them empathy and care through your steady presence and your willingness to help with even the smallest of things, like finding them clean clothes and a meal.”

Farmer also recalls how Marianne not only tended to her patients with utmost care but looked after new staff and her coworkers as well:

Over the years, you have nurtured our new staff and helped them to find their feet and their strength. Your investment in your role at Pine Rest has led you to continually advocate for improvement in the care of our patients, and you have helped us to build the processes that enable us to care for our patients while working as a team. Above all, over your many years with Pine Rest, you have lived out the mission of expressing Christ’s love through healing ministry, offering compassion to patients and staff alike; you have been a beacon of kindness and care to all who have crossed your path. In short, you have poured nothing less than your heart and soul into your work. This award is just a small expression of the gratitude of all those who have worked with you, who have been cared for by you, and whose lives you have touched. Thank you, Marianne, for your years of service.

Congratulations, Marianne! Thank you for dedicating your career to caring for so many others.

To view other Hummingbird award recipients or to nominate an extraordinary Pine Rest psych tech or nurse tech, please visit the Hummingbird Nomination section of our website.

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