Pine Rest Celebrates Award-Winning Psych Techs!

September 12, 2023

We are pleased to announce the following Pine Rest psychiatric technicians, who were recently recognized with awards for their dedication, compassion and outstanding contributions to patient care.

Sydnie Frie, CenterPointe Recovery Center (Not Yet Pictured) – Psych Tech of the Year Award

Nomination Excerpt:

“There are so many ways that Sydnie has shown she is psych tech of the year … She picked up extra shifts throughout the year even when she was at her 40 hours. She has sat at hospitals with our residents multiple times to ensure they are safe and cared for while undergoing medical checks and psychological evaluations. She also has provided countless staff training and goes the extra mile to teach staff how to properly follow protocol.”

Samantha Huizen, Aspen Unit – David Bett’s Compassion Award

Nomination Excerpt:

“Sam is always thinking about the patients’ comfort as well as their safety. She doesn’t just want our patients to receive the best treatment, she wants them to feel loved and comfortable while they are here. There isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t see Sam working on decorations around the unit. Sam uses her artistic skills to draw beautiful designs around the unit, so patients have a decorated living space even when they don’t have the energy to assist. Sam recently changed her major to nursing. Sam’s bedside manner is second to none and I truly cannot think of a staff member who loves their job more.”

Janelle McLeod, Retreat Residential – Psych Tech of the Year Award (Outpatient)

Nomination Excerpt:

“Janelle is constantly upbeat, warm, courteous, engaging and always willing to help; she truly wants the best for patients in their recovery process.

Her approach to the patient with humor is amazing to watch (she has quite the knack for it). She has also been in charge of setting up volunteers for detox AA/NA meetings, and handled it with the knowledge professionalism Pine Rest strives for.

Janelle helps her team stay organized with patient outings, gets along with all her coworkers, and is always willing to help with shifts.

Janelle is truly an amazing soul and one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. I can’t say enough about her wonderful soul!”

Peter Meyerholtz, Redwood Unit – Psych Tech of the Year Award (Inpatient)

Nomination Excerpt:

“In his role as lead, Pete acts as a mentor, a leader and an innovator. He takes the time to connect with new staff and make sure they feel supported. He helps ensure that things run smoothly and that everyone is safe. He demonstrates diligence in his commitment to safe practices.

Pete models compassionate and relationship-based care. He approaches patients with respect and empathy during vulnerable time. He takes time to build relationships with coworkers and contributes to the sense of community at Pine Rest. He also helps to educate our community about mental health needs and treatments.

Pete is also an innovator and a change-maker. He generously gives his time to many committees. He is always coming up with ideas and eager to help implement them throughout the hospital. Pete is an incredible tech, and a critical member of the Pine Rest community. We are lucky to have him as a coworker.”

Adam Schaub, Hickory Unit – Psych Tech Mentor Award

Nomination Excerpt:

“It is tough to narrow down a single and specific instance in which Adam demonstrates his impact when his name is basically synonymous with the concept. He is constantly educating himself on new policies and procedures in order to best inform his coworkers. He is often praised by patients for being extremely genuine and transparent when it comes to their treatment, doing anything and everything he can to make sure the entire team is on board with what is going on with each patient’s mental state and well-being.

Adam is incredibly deserving of either of these awards as both a mentor and team player that is essential and crucial, not just to the performance of the Hickory Unit, but hospital wide.”

We are truly grateful for employees like Sydnie, Samantha, Janelle, Pete and Adam who dedicate so much of themselves to making Pine Rest a great place to work and receive care!

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