Mother and Baby Postpartum Depression Treatment Program

The Pine Rest Mother and Baby Program provides a unique opportunity for women with perinatal mood disorders (PMD) to receive treatment in an environment which enhances mother/baby bonding. Our program includes the addition of a nursery, allowing mothers to bring their babies with them on a daily basis. This feature eliminates many barriers to women seeking treatment such as separation from the baby, as well as childcare and feeding issues.

Further, women will learn skills to help deal with stress, anxiety and intrusive thoughts that may occur when caring for their child. Groups and classes will focus on parent/infant attachment.
Clinicians can help mothers learn skills to care for their child.

The Pine Rest program is the second of its kind nationally.

Program Description

Mother with infantThe Mother and Baby Program is a Partial Hospitalization Program. It is a short-term, intensive treatment program for women experiencing significant symptoms of postpartum depression and other perinatal mood disorders.

The program is for women who are pregnant or up to one year postpartum. They must meet criteria for admission and cannot be adequately treated through traditional outpatient services. Services are provided by a multi-disciplinary treatment team including psychiatrists, physician assistants, nurses, case managers, activity therapists, chaplains, and a clinical psychopharmacology specialist. In addition to a regular schedule of treatment groups, patients meet individually with their psychiatrist, physician assistant, and case manager. These professionals will work together with the patient and the rest of the multidisciplinary team to establish treatment goals, strategies and a
comprehensive aftercare plan.

The Mother and Baby Program operates five days a week, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. until 4 p.m. Women can enter the program any day in that time frame.

Each day, women attend a 90-minute group therapy session led by a licensed clinician. Mothers can bring their babies to group sessions if they desire. Mothers attend daily educational sessions on a variety of topics including nutrition, relaxation, infant soothing skills, mother/baby bonding and self-care. The program also includes meetings with a psychiatrist upon admission, and at scheduled times before or after the program day.

Benefits of Pre & Postnatal Depression Therapy

Women receiving services in the Mother and Baby program will benefit in a number of ways not available in current treatment programs:

  • Mothers will be able to bring their babies into treatment with them, eliminating factors that discourage treatment such as separation, childcare, and infant feeding issues.
  • Groups and classes are specifically tailored to the needs of women who are pregnant or postpartum.
  • Participants will benefit from spending time with women struggling with the same issues, encouraging follow up with support groups after program completion.
  • Women will benefit from treatment provided by psychiatrists and clinicians specifically trained in perinatal mood disorders. Clinical staff trained in perinatal mood disrders will help women with pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic treatment options while considering physical needs such as pregnancy and lactation.
  • Women can learn skills to help bond with their child and manage challenging symptoms under the encouragement and supervision of clinical staff.
  • Treatment will help reduce the long term effects of the illness on children.
  • Program outcomes must show that depression and mood disorders are improved. All program activities will be focused on helping the patient get better.

For more information, contact:

Mother and Baby Program Staff


1-844-MOM-HOPE (1-844-666-4673)

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