Megan Freed, LMSW

Nearly everyone has a point in their life where they feel completely stuck, alone, uncertain or burdened. It is during these times that we often seek support and guidance from those who know and understand us, perhaps better than we may know ourselves. For some, spirituality becomes a very key part in this process.

Having faith that a “higher power” will carry them when they cannot walk alone, and guide them to the answers they desire can often feel frightening. Sometimes, our God can feel so far away that it seems impossible to hear. We may even feel God is to blame. I have found that often our creator speaks through people in our lives to help clarify uncertainties, provide an alternative perspective, and challenge us to put our personal wishes into action.

I became a social worker because my passion is to be this person in the lives of children, adolescents and families. I work to create a trusting, safe, supportive environment to facilitate people in processing through their past hurts, current challenges, and concerns about the future.

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Megan can be reached at the Portage Clinic of Pine Rest by calling (269) 343-6700.