Becky Schmitt MSW, LMSW

When I made application over 13 years ago to become part of the Pine Rest team I was invited to provide a "faith statement".  This is what I wrote then:  

  • I believe in one God, who is creator, redeemer and nurturer.
  • I believe that Life is stronger than Death and that this is most clearly and definitively evidenced by the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  • I believe that we are called to participate in the life-giving ministry of Christ through the witness of our lives, in our relationships and in whatever vocation we are called to.
  • I believe that my professional clinical work participates in this ministry by assisting persons experiencing pain, crisis or challenge in their lives or relationships to move toward a more healthy, hopeful and life-affirming future.

My years of experience here have continued to deepen the awe I experience in being able to assist hurting folks to find hope, health and life.

My areas of particular interest include working with adult survivors of childhood trauma, grieving and transition, and those challenges which often accompany such experiences (e.g. depression, anxiety, anger).

My training and experience includes a BA in theology and secondary education, a Master's in Social Work, working in family ministry within a church setting, working with people facing death and their families in hospice, training in a faith-based Trauma Recovery Program and facilitating groups with Trauma Recovery Associates, as well as my generalist practice for over 13 years here at Pine Rest Kalamazoo Clinic.

I am blessed to have people who are hurting allow me to walk with them through the darkness and am privileged to be a part of their journey toward light and life.

For information about Becky’s professional background and training click here.

Becky can be reached at the Kalamazoo Clinic of Pine Rest by calling (269) 343-6700.