MARANDA: Elizza LeJeune with Parenting Tips for Teen Online Dating

MARANDA: Elizza LeJeune with Parenting Tips for Teen Online Dating

Teen romance can be complicated. Online dating during a pandemic makes it even more so!

Elizza LeJeune, LMSW, recently appeared on WOTV 4 Women’s Maranda to share advice for both parents on teens on how to successfully navigate the highs and heartbreak of online dating and relationships.

Among the tips Elizza shares for parents:

  • Talk to your kids about the joys of dating but also what that means in terms of heartbreak when a relationship ends.
  • Take a step back as a parent and ask yourself what your first heartbreak felt like? What did you go through?
  • Do not judge when your teen comes seeking advice for relationship troubles.

“We all know our first heartbreak hurts,” says Elizza. “We need to think of that heartbreak as a loss.”

Elizza’s tips for teens involved in online dating include:

  • Take a step back from social media from time to time.
  • Be willing to talk openly to parents.

Elizza LeJeune, LMSWElizza LeJeune, LMSW, is a fully licensed clinician social worker at the Pine Rest Northwest Clinic. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Central Michigan University and her Master’s in Social Work with a Certificate in Disaster Mental Health from Tulane University in New Orleans. Her areas of interest include working with children, adolescents and adults struggling with depression, anxiety and spiritual issues as well as family, child and women’s issues.




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