Therapist Spotlight | Bob Stephans, LMSW, CAADC

Pine Rest Therapist Spotlight

Bob Stephans, LMSW, CAADC

A Licensed Master Social Worker with over 22 years of professional experience, Bob’s expertise includes the treatment of addiction, relapse prevention and co-occurring issues. Additional specialties include couple/marital relationship issues, anxiety, depression, and anger management. Robert graduated with honors from Grand Valley State University and is a Certified Advanced Addictions Counselor.

Bob provides treatment at the Pine Rest Retreat Center, which focuses on addiction and provides outpatient therapy, addiction medicine services, outpatient opioid detoxification and family support. He is also on the faculty for the Pine Rest Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship.

What first attracted you to Pine Rest?

I entered the field of addiction treatment in the late 1980s, and I have worked at a lot of places besides Pine Rest. To me, what I do is much more than a job; it’s a mission. Pine Rest understands that.

What have been some of your more rewarding accomplishments?

I am so blessed to see our patients making positive strides in their recovery journey. Occasionally a former patient will approach me outside of work, and they are thriving. What a thrill to hear, “Remember me! Pine Rest saved my life. I have the tools I need to be happy and stable now.”

What has been important to your career growth, happiness and success at Pine Rest?

Pine Rest is by far the best place that I’ve ever worked. I have access to an elite medical and clinical team which better allows me to meet the needs of the clients under my care. I have great hours, a flexible schedule and get paid for the work that I do. Plus, Pine Rest has free continuing education trainings.

The work environment is relaxed yet professional. Everyone is very caring and supportive. We have free pizza at our team meetings.  I hope to work here until I can’t work anymore. Pine Rest has been a place where I have cried, laughed and learned.

Working at Pine Rest has made me a better clinician and a happier person. These are just a few of the reasons that I feel proud and grateful when I say, that I’ve been here at Pine Rest for about 10 years now. Best job that I ever had.

Who we’re hiring

We are seeking fully licensed clinical psychologists and social workers with child, adolescent and family experience as well as certified advanced alcohol and drug counselors.

  • PhD
  • PsyD
  • LMHC
  • LPC

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