Jean Holthaus, LMSW, Shares Coping Tips for COVID Schooling

Jean Holthaus, LMSW, Shares Coping Tips for COVID Schooling

January 18, 2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic surpasses the 10-month mark, many families find themselves still struggling with the challenges of remote work and schooling. Jean Holthaus, LMSW, appeared on Maranda to share tips for staying productive while continuing virtual learning.

“We’re seeing a lot of kids and parents really struggling,” says Holthaus, who serves as manager of the Pine Rest Telehealth Clinic and the Hastings Clinic and also Outpatient Regional Director. “It’s hard for parents to know how to do this effectively.”

Some of the tips she offers include:

  • Collaborate with other parents and share strategies that are working for you
  • Establish a regular schedule, so kids know what to expect
  • Allow for flexibility throughout the day and set expectations for attention span based on your child’s age

Some students may be getting ready to head back to in-person learning after months of schooling from home. For these children, fear and uncertainty surrounding the virus and peer interactions may be creeping in.

“We’re going to need to expect some anxiety and normalize that,” says Holthaus. “Help them figure out how to get through it.”

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