Intervention Training

As part of the addiction continuum, Pine Rest offers Intervention training to persons who have loved ones addicted to alcohol and other drugs. Through Intervention training, participants learn about the disease concept of addiction, “denial,” and how addiction affects the whole family. Family members learn how to get help for those who may or may not want help with an addiction problem.

Intervention services include:

  • One free consultation session with Intervention Orientation
  • Training and education
  • Rehearsal
  • Staging an actual Intervention
  • Post-Intervention debriefing
  • Identification of family members who should participate.
  • Training in writing a formal Intervention letter.
  • Facilitated by experienced addiction professionals.
  • Facilitators make arrangements for assessment and treatment services.
  • Utilizes modified Johnson Institute Model and the Community Reinforcement and Family Treatment Model (KRAFT).

To learn more or to access training, call 616/222-3700.