InterActions Residential Treatment Program

InterActions is a secured residential treatment facility for adults with chronic and persistent mental illness, or who are dually diagnosed with a mild developmental disability and mental illness. The InterActions program also treats those who are dually diagnosed with mental illness and substance abuse issues. The diagnosis may also include “impulse control disorder.”

InterActions is an intense clinical residential program designed to treat adults who are unable to sustain full community living with traditional mental health services.

Treatment Model

We created a sophisticated model of care that moves from treatment to maintenance to expectations of recovery. Emphasis is on integrating clients into the community and actively working with the referral source.


Our focus is on teaching each client to manage their illness, not simply seeking compliance.

Our treatment model has been very effective in helping these individuals manage their illness in a way that allows them to successfully move to less restrictive and costly environments, decreasing the need for more costly in-patient settings.

Services Include:

  • Behavioral Treatment Plans
  • Group therapy and education
  • Individual therapy
  • Clinical assessment
  • 24-hour therapeutic treatment milieu
  • Medical consultation and assessment
  • Discharge planning
  • Room and board


Partners in Care

Our Medicaid approved program offers a unique opportunity to partner with local Community Mental Health agencies across the state. Each CMH will get state of the art clinical assessments, weekly consultations and an extensive discharge plan for every client.

We are fully staffed with 24-hour, seven days a week nursing and provider care. Our 16-bed facility is supported by a high quality staff of psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, social workers and chaplains.

Contact Information

For more information, or to schedule a brief presentation on InterActions, please call us at (616) 281-0061.