How Does DBT Work?

DBT is an inclusive program of treatment made up of:

DBT Skills Group

  • Clients are expected to attend each weekly meeting of the 24 week DBT Skills Group (20 for Adolescents).
  • The Adolescent Skills Group requires a parent or guardian to participate as well.
  • Most clients complete two courses of the 24 week skills group over one year of intensive treatment.
  • Each week, new skills are learned in a classroom setting and then practiced throughout the week as home based assignments.


Individual Therapy

Clients are expected to attend individual therapy at least bi-monthly, with a DBT primary therapist who is a member of the Pine Rest DBT treatment team.

  • The purpose of DBT individual therapy is to learn to apply the skills learned to the client’s specific situation.
  • The therapist is considered the “primary provider” for the client and coordinates care across the treatment team.
  • Clients are expected to call the 24/7 DBT coaching line for skills coaching before engaging in any self-harm behavior, for support in problem solving and to celebrate effective choices.
  • The primary therapist is expected to authorize any decision to seek psychiatric hospitalization.