Heidi Vermeer-Quist, PsyD, Licensed Psychologist

I strive to always introduce myself as a Christian Clinical Psychologist (at least in professional contexts :-), no matter what the other person's belief system or background.  I work for Pine Rest because the mission statement here IS my professional mission statement:  "To express the healing ministry of Jesus Christ through Christian integrity, professional excellence and compassion".  I think communicating both of these statements to my clients, co-workers, and pretty much anyone who knows me, communicates both my own worldview (how I approach the world and all those with whom I come in contact) from a Christian perspective and my training as a fully licensed clinical psychologist.  Clients express gratitude when they hear these statements, whether they espouse them or not, because it at least lets them know a bit more about who is providing their care.   

By no means do I expect clients to hold the same beliefs as I do.  In fact, a big part of my job is to understand and respect each client as they are and to look carefully, compassionately and practically with them at how they can effectively address their presenting problems and grow in healthy ways wholistically (with the mind, body, spirit, and social network God has given to them). 

When it comes to "healthy" interventions I actively consult both God's word and the research based effective interventions.  Biblical truths always trump pop psychology in my practice, but I increasing stand amazed at how the wisdom of God's word echoes in cutting edge research results. 

I grew up in the Christian Reformed Church and am an active member at Meredith Drive Reformed Church.  One of the modern Reformed confessions is simply entitled "Our World Belongs to God", and I often return to that very basic statement and posture toward life.  

Psychologists who have helped shape my professional integration of faith and practice include Mark McMinn, Archibald Hart, Henry Cloud, John Townsend, Les & Leslie Parrot, Henry Nouwen, H. Norman Wright, as well as many supervisors and co-clinicians from Wheaton College, Meier Clinic and Pine Rest.

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Heidi can be reached at the Des Moines Clinic of Pine Rest by calling (515) 331-0303.