Grant Porteous, LMSW

A significant amount of my counseling experience – and my passion – is in working with families and relationships of all kinds and “the things that mess them up.”  That may include dealing with depression, anxiety, or other mood disorders, and may involve addressing past issues that prevent people from healing, such as abuse and family of origin issues.  As a life coach I love to help people discover how to live above the ordinary and achieve the fullness of life and freedom I believe we were designed to experience.  My education and training includes a Master of Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis in 1994, and successful completion of the Foundational Class - Christian Track from the Institute for Life Coach Training. 

 As a person of faith my practice – both counseling and life coaching – is Christ-centered.  Guided by what the client desires to accomplish in their work, I love to help people identify, clarify, and include the key spiritual issues that may be affecting their life.  Sometimes those issues are central to what brings the person to their work, and sometimes they are not.  But whether we wind up addressing those things directly or indirectly, I consider the entire person in the healing and growth process – body, soul, and spirit – and look to help them find their strength and direction in each area in what is true.  There are times we’ll put chapter and verse to it if that’s most helpful for the client, and there are times we don’t.  As long as something is true I know I can be confident of the source.

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Grant can be reached at the Traverse City Clinic of Pine Rest by calling (231) 947-2255.