George Peebles Exhibit Opening at Pine Rest Leep Art Gallery January 3

George Peebles Exhibit Opening at Pine Rest Leep Art Gallery January 3

A new exhibit titled, “Celebration,” by local artist George Peebles, opens at the Leep Art Gallery on January 3 at the Postma Center on the Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services campus in Grand Rapids.

Grand Rapids artist George Peebles is an international artist within contemporary oil painting. He paints from the compelling force of emotion that continues to inspire his fascination of nature acquired through his devoted walk in faith. His deep and full-hearted feelings are forged from the vivid beauty of nature’s landscape that transcend onto the canvas with vivid colors.

Peebles uses an array of colors, even though he is red-green colorblind. He uses this as a gift to show his vision in a new perspective. Before he was aware of his colorblindness, he had already majored in printmaking, drawing, sculpture, painting and photography from Kendall College in 1986.

With every painting as individual as can be, he continues to create his masterpieces from memory.

“Every time you go outside and see the sky above the trees, it is different no matter how many times you go to the same place. Each spirited work of art created is as special as the earth itself.”

The Pine Rest Leep Art Gallery exhibit will be on display at the Postma Center located at 300 68th Street, SE, Grand Rapids, Mich., from January 3 until April 3, 2018 . The Leep Art Gallery is open Monday through Friday 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. and is free and open to the public. For more information, please call 616.222.4530 or go to

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