Gale Dunn Volkerding, LMSW, ACSW, SD

Working in a faith based setting allows me to utilize the healing power of the Lord in sessions with my clients.  I am the vessel and He is the healer.  Sometimes I send clients home with a poem or reading from the Bible to strengthen them.  Some of my clients do not want to hear about God and use His power.  They have been hurt or abused by people espousing to be God's messengers.  I respect the client and where they stand.  Some are so needy of a listening ear and non-judgmental atmosphere.  In this setting with other loving hospitable staff, the client receives respect and care throughout the process. 

I was certified as a Spiritual Director in the Spring of 2009 after a three year course of study.  I continue to work on opening myself in relationship to the Lord through reading, retreats, peer counseling, workshops, and prayer. 

For information about Gale’s professional background and training click here.  Gale can be reached at the Campus Clinic of Pine Rest by calling (616) 455-5270.