Cypress Unit Dedication

Cypress Flex Unit Opening & Contact Center Rededication

On June 27, 2017, staff, volunteers, donors and community stakeholders celebrated the new unit for adolescents and young adults as well as the re-built front hospital entrance and admissions department called the Contact Center. After the ceremony, guests were able to tour the new facility.

Igniting Hope in Mind, Body, and Spirit of All Who Enter

Area healthcare providers, law enforcement, community mental health representatives, and others had all expressed a need for additional patient beds and services and were able to give input to Pine Rest administrators. Pine Rest responded to this call to action with a new 26-bed unit. This facility will meet the needs of patients and their families with a state-of-the-art design that is welcoming, therapeutic and above all, safe.

The Cypress Unit allows Pine Rest’s Hospital-Based Services to implement the latest research to create a state-of-the-art psychiatric inpatient setting focused on maximizing safety while creating a therapeutic clinical environment designed specifically to meet community need. In this new 26,800 square foot space, 1,200 additional patients can be served each year.

The innovative new “flex” design allows the Cypress Unit to split the unit into two sides, creating immediate access for two distinct patient populations. The purposeful design of the unit, incorporating natural light, open sight-lines, optimally-placed nurses stations, treatment mall, secure entryway called a sally port, designated staff and utility entrance, and staff personal alarm system seamlessly blend safety and efficiency in a space that remains warm and inviting to those in need of care.

Through its renovation, the new Contact Center, which is 8,400 square feet, was built to enhance the admissions process. Guests will be welcomed as they arrive. The space was built using natural light, comfortable furnishings and a fireplace element.

If a person is there to be assessed, they will be taken into a separate pre-assessment waiting space for adults and children, an open and welcoming assessment center, and ample clinician workspace. Other people may enjoy the beautiful new lobby while waiting for an interview or appointment.

We had tremendous support in building the Cypress flex Unit and renovating our Contact Center from a number of donors, including the David and Carol Van Andel Family Foundation and the Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation, who provided lead gifts to the project.

More About the Cypress Unit & Contact Center Project

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With Gratitude

Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services and the Pine Rest Foundation are grateful for the generous individuals, corporations, and foundations that have helped make this unit possible. As Pine Rest embraces the future of behavioral healthcare, we are thankful for those who share our commitment to increasing access to high-quality care. Their support of this project speaks volumes about the compassion they have for helping those we serve live fuller and more enriching lives. Our heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who played a role in helping the Cypress Unit & Contact Center become a reality.

“When we focus on someone’s overall wellness and ability, rather than their symptoms and disabilities, we see Michigan’s potential. Pine Rest has helped Michiganders succeed for decades by focusing on all aspects of wellness, treating physical, emotional and behavioral health issues with equal importance. The latest addition to the Jay and Betty Van Andel Center adds to this strong legacy, offering real hope and care to residents in crisis. Congratulations to everyone involved in this achievement.”

Brian Calley, Lieutenant Governor of the State of Michigan

Lt. Gov. Brian Calley