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Psychiatric Urgent Care Center Served Nearly 6,600 Patients in First Year of Operation

The Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services Psychiatric Urgent Care Center, which opened April 15, 2019, provided services for nearly 6,600 adults experiencing acute psychiatric symptoms in the center’s first year of operation.

The Center is the first of its kind in the region and stayed open throughout the COVID-19 pandemic with staff working diligently to serve the community. Designed to provide same-day assessment and treatment for adults who cannot wait for routine outpatient intervention, the Psychiatric Urgent Care Center also began offering Telehealth Urgent Care visits in 2020 to provide immediate assessments for as many Michiganders as possible.

Learn more about the Psychiatric Urgent Care Center.

Research at Pine Rest

Research offers the opportunity for our staff and patients to be involved in novel and innovative approaches to psychiatric care. By partnering with the biotechnology community, industry and academia-based research programs, Pine Rest demonstrates its dedication to advancing the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders.

Learn More about Research at Pine Rest

Telehealth Services

Reducing Readmissions to Inpatient Services

Research shows that having a check-in appointment within seven days of discharge from an inpatient stay better supports a patient’s transition and prevents the need for readmission. However, some patients find it difficult to make it to this appointment. In 2018, Pine Rest started a pilot project with Priority Health to conduct the follow-up via Telehealth Services technology.

Telehealth Services

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