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A Patient Story: Recovery from Addiction

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Patient Story

Recovery from Addiction

My drinking began early in my teenage years. By the time I was 20, I knew I didn’t drink like most people.

I remained functional and managed to graduate from nursing school. When my brother committed suicide in 2010, my using moved to a new level. I began using painkillers quite heavily to stay numb.

Without the lingering odor of alcohol, pills gave me the freedom to use around the clock and stay relatively undetected.

One day I woke up in the hospital on a ventilator from an accidental overdose. I didn’t skip a beat when I was released from the hospital. My disease convinced me the overdose wasn’t my fault. I soon realized I was chemically dependent and unable to function without drugs and alcohol.

I began to believe that I had no value. Not as a wife or as a mom. Being a nurse was the only thing that gave me a sense of value and it was apparent that I would give that to my disease as well if I didn’t get help. With that realization, I checked myself into the Detox Center at Pine Rest.

I will never be cured of my disease of addiction. Recovery is a process that requires many different types of treatment. The services at Pine Rest have given me the tools and resources I need to manage my life-long disease so I can live a joyous life of purpose for my family, loved ones, and myself.

The treatment I received is expensive. I was fortunate to be a beneficiary of Pine Rest’s Patient Assistance Fund (PAF). It took one more burden off the table so that I could focus on healing. Your gift to PAF can help others, like me, find a life of joy and purpose too!


Mother, Wife, Nurse and Former Patient

Addiction Services Program at Pine Rest

At Pine Rest, we believe that there should be no wrong door for individuals to access substance use disorder treatment. That’s why we offer a full continuum of addiction services that range from residential detoxification to traditional outpatient services.

Addiction treatments at Pine Rest are evidence-based, which means that over time they have been tested and found to provide predictable outcomes and long-term recovery. Today’s treatment has graduated steps designed to meet the differing needs of each patient and each phase of addiction or recovery. This treatment continuum allows patients to “step-up” or “step-down” to match treatment intensity with their recovery needs.

The Addiction Treatment Program is one of many services supported by Pine Rest’s Patient Assistance Fund (PAF). PAF helps reduce the cost of treatment for individuals and families with financial need.

100% of your gift today will be used directly and immediately for individuals like Nikki who receive treatment at Pine Rest.

Continuum of Care at the Pine Rest Addiction Treatment Program

Residential Detox

The five days I spent with medically assisted detox allowed my body to wean slowly and without suffering terrible withdrawals.

Intensive Outpatient Program

In Pine Rest’s Intensive Outpatient Program, I understood for the first time that addiction is a disease. It is a chemical process that occurs in the brain. I understood that it was not a moral failing.

Early Recovery Group and Dialectical Behavior Therapy

When I transitioned to the Early Recovery Group, I developed new coping skills with Dialectical Behavior Therapy and met with medical staff who prescribed a medication that quieted my cravings so I could focus on the hard work of recovery. I also learned that emotions are better when you actually feel them and was taught to meditate, which opened the door to my higher power.

Relapse Prevention Group

I transitioned into a Relapse Prevention Group where I created a plan, which I still review to this day, to assure I am staying on the right track. I continue to participate in individual therapy and know the doors to all these programs are open to me if I ever need additional support.

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