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Help us to increase access to quality behavioral health services through direct financial assistance to individuals.

Our Stories

Everyone touched by Pine Rest has a story:
…of how they personally have experienced the hope provided by our care
…or witnessed someone else have their life restored
…or been uplifted by our educational offerings
…or have been blessed through volunteering.

These are some of our stories.



“One day I was in my apartment crying inconsolably. I knew something was desperately wrong and that I needed to find help. I called Pine Rest and they made arrangements to meet with me. Being a college student, I let them know I didn’t have a lot of money, but they explained that there was a Patient Assistance Fund to help me cover the cost of my treatment. I met with a group, a counselor, and worked through what I was feeling, which was diagnosed as depression. After learning some techniques and finding the right medication, I was able to graduate from Cornerstone University and am working toward by Master’s Degree at Liberty University.”

“Without the Patient Assistance Fund, I could no longer get the help that I need so badly at this time.”

“After a traumatic brain injury, the Patient Assistance Fund allowed us to receive counseling to help our family adapt to the changes we faced.”

“The Patient Assistance Fund has given me the opportunity to take part in a program that has truly changed my life…I have my life back in my control.”

The Community

“I would like to express my thanks to the Pine Rest Foundation for helping to provide a social worker in our school (through Caring Communities). He is an important member of our staff. Both students and staff feel comfortable sharing concerns with him. The Foundation makes difficult choices on how to use its money. I believe the money provided to the school social work program is a benefit to the Christian community in Muskegon.”  – Gerald Van Woerkom, Principal, Muskegon Christian Schools

“Thank you to Pine Rest for providing this high-quality lecture series. In a day of diminishing education budgets, you have shared Pine Rest’s expertise with many community professionals. I know that I am not alone in my appreciation of your contribution to continuing education for area agencies. Keep up the good work!”  – Ross Cate, Psychologist, Catholic Social Services

A Donor

“Our gifts to Pine Rest are part of our legacy. Giving to the endowment means we will continue to support Pine Rest’s ministry as long as it exists, even when we no longer do.” – Planned giving donors, Howard and Verna De Haan

A Staff Member

“As a psychologist at Pine Rest, I have worked with many people helped by the Patient Assistance Fund. It can be very difficult for people to seek counseling for emotional issues. Many barriers exist—especially financial. Because of your support, I have watched faces and shoulders lighten in relief because the burden of paying for help has been eased.”  – A Pine Rest Psychologist

A Board Member

“The reason I became a Foundation member was to assist in making Pine Rest’s mission and quality programming available to my loved ones, my community, and future generations. I wanted to become a part of Pine Rest’s supportive constituency. I was impressed with the services available to members and have enjoyed participating in Foundation events.”  – Norma Van Kuiken, Former Pine Rest Foundation Board Member

Sharing your personal story of being helped through Pine Rest services to inspire others.
Contact Dean Herried, Philanthropy Officer at 616.222.6345 or if we may help to share your story.