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Help us to increase access to quality behavioral health services through direct financial assistance to individuals.

About Pine Rest Foundation


Established in 1961, the Pine Rest Foundation generates philanthropic gifts for the Patient Assistance Fund, for the Pine Rest Foundation Endowment, and for special projects.

Pine Rest Foundation is a qualified not for profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Tax ID # 38-1676540


The Pine Rest Foundation exists to provide Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services with financial resources and community support so its ministry of love and healing in Christ’s name can flourish and be enhanced.


Van Den Berg Leadership Award

Jay Van Den Berg was a lifelong Pine Rest advocate. In the spirit of his leadership, the Foundation recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to Pine Rest through their resources. These individuals have given generously of their time, talents, and treasures to further the mission of Pine Rest.

Jim Haveman (2016)
Carol Van Andel (2014)
Dan and Lou Ann Gaydou (2011)
Doug and Lois Nagel (2009)
Norma Van Kuiken (2007)
Van Andel Family (2005)
Casey Wondergem (2003)
John and Sharon Bouma (2001)


Pine Rest Foundation Board of Governors

Executive Committee
Jack DeBoer, President
Rob Stafford, Secretary/Treasurer

Dr. Mark Eastburg, CEO, Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services
Donald MacKenzie, Executive Director, Pine Rest Foundation
Steve Alles
Peter Draaisma
Steve Ender
Ann Hansen
Aaron Jonker
Ray Lanning
Janis Petrini
Bryan Ridgeway
Jeff Steeby
Mel Trombley