Forensic Psychiatric and Psychological Services

The Pine Rest Forensic Psychiatric and Psychological Services department provides a wide range of services to professionals in the legal and criminal justice system. Our team of forensic experts includes psychiatrists, psychologists and neuropsychologists who possess the clinical experience and qualifications to provide psychological evaluations and expert testimony regarding criminal and civil issues.

When the services of our experts are retained, you can expect a clear fee structure with accurate documentation of all work done, timely reports as well as unbiased and independent opinions. Call 616/258-7524 or email for more information.

A typical evaluation may consist of:

  • A thorough review of pertinent records
  • Interviews with relevant parties
  • Consultation with attorneys and other professionals
  • Administration, scoring and interpretation of reliable and valid psychological assessments
  • Comprehensive, timely report
  • Participating in court related activities (deposition, testimony)


Services Offered

Independent Medical Examination (IME)

Disability Requests

Fitness for Duty

Return to Work

Personal Injury

Medical Negligence

Guardianship and Testamentary Capacity

Competency to Stand Trial

Legal Sanity


Witness Competency

Child Custody Evaluations

School and Work Risk Assessments

Call 616/258-7524 or email for more information