Frequently Asked Questions for Patients and Families

What is the Mother & Baby Program?  The Mother & Baby Program is a daily, short-term, intensive treatment program for women experiencing a Perinatal Mood Disorder. The program is for pregnant women and women who are postpartum.   For many women in this program, seeing a therapist 1-2 times a week is not enough. Symptoms can include: high anxiety, worsened depression, inability/lack of desire to care for the baby, difficulty with day to day activities, thoughts of self harm or other scary thoughts.

What is a Perinatal Mood Disorder?  Perinatal Mood Disorders, commonly known as Postpartum Depression, is a term for women experiencing significant changes to their mood anytime during pregnancy and up to 1 year post partum.  This could include high anxiety, sadness, depression, irritability, mood swings or elevated mood.

What kinds of women will attend this program?  Perinatal Mood Disorders can impact women of all ages, races, income levels, education and backgrounds.  We welcome all women age 18 and up into this program.

What is the cost of the program?  Pine Rest participates with almost all major insurance plans.  Co-pays and deductibles vary.  Patients with Medicaid or no insurance must be referred by their local Community Mental Health.

Can I bring my baby with me to the program?  Yes, you can bring your baby up to the age of 1 year to the program.  You can bring your baby with you to treatment groups or utilize our nursery staff to assist in the care of your infant.  Some of the programming will include mother and baby activities to help build and promote a good relationship.  We do not provide formal child care – you need to be able to provide basic care for your baby while at the program, but our staff is available to assist you as needed.  We are not able to accommodate children older than 12 months of age and recognize that this may be a barrier for some families.

Do I have to bring my baby with me?  No, you do not have to bring your baby with you if you prefer.

How can I be sure that my baby will be safe while at the program?  Safety is very important to us in this program for both you and your baby.  While in the program, you will make the decisions about care for your baby.  The Mother & Baby Program is separated from other Pine Rest patient programs and is in a secure location that has locked doors to prevent non-program staff and visitors from entering.  Only women in the program and staff are allowed in the Mother & Baby program area. Wrist bands are used for identification and to ensure safety for you and your baby.  Nursery attendants are child development specialists and all staff and volunteers are screened with background checks.

I am breastfeeding my baby.  Will I be able to continue while attending the program?  Yes.  We support and encourage women who are nursing their baby.  You will be given time and privacy for pumping or breastfeeding.   You can bring your own breast pump or use the program’s hospital grade breast pump.  Professional lactation support and milk storage/refrigeration is also available to program participants.

What will I do while I am at the program?  The program operates Monday through Friday from 8:30am until 4:00pm. You will participate in group therapy daily focusing specifically on the needs of women with Perinatal Mood Disorders.  You will also attend educational groups to build skills in areas such as coping, self-care, nutrition, infant soothing skills and mother–baby relationships.  Individual assessment and family meetings are also available.  We will provide you with a voucher for lunch in the cafeteria on your first day – you are responsible for bringing or buying your lunch on other days.  We do require that women and their babies stay on the Pine Rest campus during the treatment day.

Will I be able to access a psychiatrist while in the program?  Yes, the program includes meetings with a psychiatrist upon admission and at scheduled times before, after or during the program day.

How long will I attend the program?  Length of treatment will be based on your individual need and will be re-evaluated throughout your stay; however, we ask that you be available to attend the program for at least 5 days.  Program staff can provide documentation for your employer if necessary.

Is transportation assistance available?  We will assist women in utilizing community resources, including insurance coverage and public transportation to assist in providing transportation to treatment when needed.

I live far away from Pine Rest. Is lodging available for patients who travel from other areas of the state?  Local hotels at discounted rates are available near Pine Rest.  Talk to our staff for more information.

I am not a Christian.  Can I still attend this program?  Yes. Pine Rest welcomes all women into the program without regard to religious affiliation.

Is the program open on holidays? The Mother & Baby Program will be closed on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.

I am not sure if this program is right for me.  How do I know?  What other services are available to me?  Call us!  Our staff is happy to talk with you about how you are feeling and to help connect you with the best service for you.

How do I contact the program? Call the Pine Rest Contact Center at 800-678-5500 and press option 1.