In DBT, the client and the therapist will make agreements and work hard to keep these agreements. This forms the foundation of your therapy relationship. When people stay true to their agreements, over time, their experience of their lives gets better.

The DBT client agrees to:

  • Enter and stay in treatment for the agreed upon time.
  • Come to all therapy sessions (even when you don’t feel like it!)
  • Stay alive. You can’t be in treatment if you aren’t alive…..and there are many things that could put you at risk of not being alive. You will work with your therapist to identify these things.
  • Work on the issues that might get in the way of the therapy being effective…maybe some of the same things that have made it hard to stay in treatment in the past.
  • Go to DBT Skills Training meetings.
  • Be responsible for payment of your treatment.


Your therapist will agree to:

  • Make every reasonable effort to be effective in delivering DBT treatment
  • Act ethically
  • Be available (within the agreed upon boundaries)
  • Respect you
  • Keep confidentiality (except in emergency situations – will be discussed)
  • Seek consultation from the treatment team and other resources when necessary