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SELAH Domestic Abuse Awareness Group (ONLINE)

SELAH Domestic Abuse Awareness Group (ONLINE)

SELAH Support that Empowers Lives And Homes

This group offers a virtual meeting option for the safety of our participants and staff. Please call Vicki Williams of SELAH at 616.510.6305 or Sherry France of Pine Rest at 616.222.3700, to find out how you can join. You can also email

Cost: All sessions are free and confidential.

You can join any time. To register or for more info e-mail or call SELAH at 616.510.6305 and ask for Vicki Williams.

Facilitator: Vicki Williams, Executive Director SELAH, and/or Carol Bosch, LMSW

SELAH helps address the needs of women experiencing the effects of domestic abuse. This 10-week women’s educational group will teach and equip group members to find clarity and direction in their life and relationships. It will define the various types of domestic abuse and help individuals clarify their own experiences. The group is open to victims, survivors, family members or women who simply want to learn more about this issue.

Topics covered include:

  • Power and Control
  • Emotional & Verbal Abuse
  • Characteristics of Abusers
  • Patterns of Abuse
  • Effects on Children
  • Faith Issues
  • Self-Esteem
  • Trauma and the Brain
  • Legal Issues
  • Financial Issues