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Adult Healthy Living Group (ONLINE – Campus Clinic)

Adult Healthy Living Group (ONLINE – Campus Clinic)

This group currently meets virtually only for the safety of our participants and staff. Please call 866.852.4001 to find out how you can join.


Cost: $60/session. Most insurances are accepted. Ask if you qualify for financial assistance.

Facilitator: Tom Karel, MA, CAADC

For questions or to schedule an orientation, call: 866.852.4001

Held weekly on Mondays at this location (two times to choose from), the Healthy Living Group is a program offered through Pine Rest designed to meet the needs of individuals who are struggling with depression, anxiety, or mood regulation problems.

This group may be appropriate if you:

  • Have recently completed inpatient or partial hospitalization treatment and found the peer support and information helpful.
  • Have been struggling with mental health problems to the extent that you and your therapist have discussed the possibility of attending the partial hospitalization program.
  • Could benefit from meeting with supportive and affirming people that understand what it is like to struggle with mood problems and can support you in your efforts to get better.
  • Are committed to learning and practicing means of maintaining and improving your mental health care so as to prevent future hospitalizations or significant mental health problems.

What you can expect to learn:

  • Assertive communication skills
  • Coping with stress
  • Handling uncomfortable emotions
  • Impact of diet/nutrition on mental health
  • Relational skills
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Dealing with guilt, shame, and stigma
  • Identifying and living out your values
  • Relapse prevention planning
  • Addiction/Compulsive behavior

The benefit of learning in a group format is that you not only have access to a trained mental health therapist, but also to peers that have been through similar experiences to you and can offer insight and support that is hard to get any other way.

The group meets once a week for 12 weeks. New group members can join at any time.

Group therapy is a covered service for most insurance providers.Financial assistance may be available for those who qualify. If interested talk to your case manager or therapist to set up an orientation meeting with one of the group facilitators or call the Pine Rest Campus Clinic at 616.258.7429.

The Pine Rest Campus Clinic is located on the Pine Rest campus at 300 68th Street SE, Grand Rapids MI 49548. Upon entering the campus, go to Building A, entrance A2.

Printer-friendly flyer for the Adult Healthy Living Groups