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Psychotropic Medications Update 2022


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“Pearls for Partners” continues its 2022 fall season with a “Psychotropic Medications Update 2022” from our knowledgeable experts.

Join a panel of Pine Rest mental health providers as they present the latest developments in psychotropic medications targeted for various populations including Child & Adolescent, Adult, Older Adult and Substance Use Disorder. Participants will gain knowledge on how these new treatment options compare to established psychotropic medications, including what are the advantages and disadvantages, benefits versus risk, and cost considerations.

1 CME or CE credit available.

Printable Fall 2022 Virtual Pearls For Partners Flier

A Mental Health Education Series for Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare teams and psychiatrists each share a piece of the puzzle in treating mental health disorders. The demand for mental health treatment continues to grow, yet many healthcare teams find treating mental health to be challenging and complicated.

The Virtual Pearls for Partners educational series covers topics to better equip healthcare community partner teams to identify and treat patients with mental health disorders. This series is intended for all healthcare professionals.

More resources are available on our Community Partners page.


  • Folabo Dare, MD, Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services

    Adult Inpatient Unit
  • Richelle Payea, MD, Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services

    Older Adult Unit
  • Cameron Risma, MD, Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services

    Addiction Psychiatrist, Chief of Addiction Services
  • Ryan Doyle, MD, Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services

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