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Prevent… Assess… Prepare | EAP Conference

Prevent… Assess… Prepare | EAP Conference


Workplace Violence Prevention and Behavioral Threat Assessment
This session is designed to equip professionals with knowledge to identify warning signs and triggers of potential violence, ensuring a safer work environment. Participants will delve into the key indicators of escalating behavior, learn about common triggers that can lead to violence, and understand the critical need for a comprehensive assessment process.

Active Violence Preparedness
This dynamic session will equip participants with a range of actionable strategies tailored to various scenarios, ensuring they can make informed decisions under pressure. Participants will be guided through the critical principles of active violence preparedness, emphasizing adaptability and situational awareness, to gain the confidence and skills necessary to protect themselves and others during a crisis or emergency.

Sessions facilitated by:
Jason Russell, Founder and President of Secure Environment Consultants.

Registration closes on 8/9/2024

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Location Details

Pine Rest Postma Center, Building C, Entrance C2
300 68th Street SE
Tuesday, 08/13/2024
From 8:30 am – 11:00 am
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