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Developing Spiritual and Religious Competence in Mental Health


“Developing Spiritual and Religious Competence in Mental Health”

We will explore the importance of clients’ spiritual/religious history and its impact on treatment. Presentation will offer questions to assess client’s spiritual/religious background, and aid mentioned health practitioners to explore their own history of religion/spirituality.


Presentation Objectives

  • Participants will be able to state 3 reasons why it is important to assess a client’s spiritual/religious history
  • Participants will learn 3 new assessment questions to ask upon intact.
  • Participants will learn 3 questions to ask themselves related to their own spiritual/religious history


  • Brad Strawn, PhD, Licensed Psychologist, CA PSY17617

    Dr. Brad Strawn is the Evelyn and Frank Freed Chief of Spiritual Formation and Integration, Dean of the Chapel, Clinical Professor of Clinical Psychology & Theology at Fuller Graduate School of Psychology in Pasadena CA. He holds degrees in theology and psychology and has advanced training on psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Brad regularly publishes at the intersection of psychology and theology including co-editing Spiritual Diversity in Psychotherapy: Encountering the Sacred amongst numerous other peer reviewed journals. Brad is consulting editor of the Journal of Psychology & Christianity and associate editor of the Journal of Psychology and Theology, Brad is a licensed psychologist, maintains a private practice and is an ordained minister.
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