Pine Rest Christian Homes Endowment

This Endowment was established in 1993 to support services to persons with developmental disabilities. Because of the continued generosity of our donors, this fund provides ongoing assistance to families year after year.

This fund was established in large part by families of residents in Pine Rest Christian Homes. They recognized the emotional and financial challenges families of loved ones with developmental disabilities face. At their encouragement, the Endowment for Pine Rest Christian Homes was founded. All gifts from this fund are used strictly for easing the financial burden of families of our 76 residents at Pine Rest Christian Homes.

Your gift to this endowment makes it possible for those who would be unable to afford out-of-home Christian care call Pine Rest Christian Homes their “HOME.”

Wilma smiled as she opened her birthday card from her 30-year-old son, Robbie. Since Robbie can’t write, a Pine Rest staff member had written a loving note, and Robbie had signed it with an X. Robbie was a joy, but he had weighed on her mind as her birthday approached. Co-workers asked if she planned to retire. How could she tell them she couldn’t? Her husband’s unexpected illness and death had drained their savings. For Robbie to continue living in the Christian residential home he loved, she had to keep working.

Wilma isn’t alone. She’s one of many parents and family members who struggle with financial issues facing Pine Rest’s residents with developmental disabilities. Wilma and her husband had specifically chosen Pine Rest’s residential services for their son. They wanted a program that would help Robbie reach his maximum potential and live as independently as possible as it reflected their own Christian values.

Like many people, however, unforeseen financial problems or simply the inability to keep up with inflation threatens their choice. The social security entitlement funds Robbie receives cover less than half of the total cost of his housing. Wilma gets some help from her church and Pine Rest’s Patient Assistance Fund, but makes up the rest herself.

You can help Wilma and Robbie and many other family members and residents at Pine Rest. How? Through the Pine Rest Foundation Endowment Fund for Persons with Developmental Disabilities.

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