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Coaching & Mediation Services

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Coaching & Mediation Services

These services are provided to our EAP clients at a discounted rate.

Executive Coaching

Available for executives, management and other leadership positions or teams. Outcomes and services include:

  • Increased emotional intelligence and resilience
  • Navigating change and transitions (e.g., acquisitions and mergers)
  • Personality and psychometric assessments
  • Successful team building strategies

Employee Coaching

Available to individuals or groups and addresses:

  • Workplace issues
  • Performance concerns
  • Effective communication
  • Co-operation
  • Conflicts
  • Or any specific work-related concern

Mediation Services

Available to individuals and groups, mediation is provided to reduce conflicts between co-workers or employees and management. Fostering healthy interactions, managing personality conflicts, effective communication strategies, and other tools are used to support successful workplace relationships.

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