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Success Stories

We have been privileged to receive positive comments and success stories from many of our clients.

Marcie Ver Beek

Human Resources Director, Ottawa County

“Pine Rest EAP provides our employees with the help they need so they are supported through the difficulties of life. We recognize that employees have lives outside of work, and that the saying “leave your work at work” or “leave your personal life at home” is not humanly possible.

Pine Rest has looked at each of our employee groups to identify their specific needs. Groups such as Law Enforcement and Corrections have unique characteristics, and Pine Rest has adapted their services to provide diverse service options based on our needs.

The Pine Rest EAP team has taken care of our employees as if they were their own, and we have received outstanding customer service from every Pine Rest employee we have come in contact with.”

“Ottawa County saw a 400% increase in EAP utilization in the first year, and the feedback from employees has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Andy George

Director of Human Resource Services, Calvin University

“I’ve come to really appreciate [the] quick response when we feel like we are in a bit of a crisis. They have calmly guided and challenged us to become more resilient leaders.”


Pastor Ron Kool

Hillside Community Church

“The Pine Rest Church Assistance Program has been a tremendous blessing for us. We can provide people with great Christian help and support as they face the challenges of life and work through some of the difficulties we face in a broken world.

The Church Assistance Program has also allowed me to be the pastor in difficult situations.

I can work with people on where God is in the midst of their struggles and on finding strength in Him while knowing that a very competent counselor is helping with the specific challenge they are facing.

I get to do what I was called by God to do, and the counselor gets to do what she or he was called by God to do.”

 Hulst Jepsen Physical Therapy

“We LOVE having our EAP with Pine Rest and it always makes new employee’s ears perk up when we mention it during onboarding. It also allows us to offer extra support to our staff when a particularly difficult event or world event happens.”