Mental & Behavioral Health Resources

Pine Rest EAP and Pax Crisis Response are a part of Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services, one of the five largest free-standing behavioral health organizations in the United States. Pine Rest has expert education resources available to the public, including a behavioral health blog and online and print publications on many mental health and behavioral health topics. These topics include:

  • Depressed at Work: How Co-workers Can Help

    By Bob VandePol, MSW Although you might not know it, depression touches everyone in the workplace. Affecting nearly one in ten adults each year, depression is one of the top reasons for lost productivity, sick days taken and disability leave....
  • Having a Happy Spouse Could Be Good for Your Health

    Having a happy spouse may be related to better health, at least among middle-aged and older adults, according to a study published by the American Psychological Association. In [the study], researchers found that people with happy spouses were much more…

  • Adjusting to Your Spouse’s Family Culture

    Falling in love, dating and marrying is a journey many of us readily embrace. This road is often traveled with very few bumps along the way. However, becoming a part of your spouse’s family, learning the new family rules and...

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  • Weather Alert February 20, 2018

    TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 20: The Des Moines Clinic is on a 2-hour delay due to the ice storm. It will open today at 10:00 a.m. At this time, none of Pine Rest’s other outpatient clinics or facilities are affected by the…

  • Larry Blovits Exhibit Opening At Pine Rest Leep Art Gallery April 4

    A new exhibit titled, “A view of my artistic journey from the past to the present,” by local artist Larry Blovits, opens at the Leep Art Gallery on April 4 at the Postma Center on the Pine Rest Christian Mental…

  • George Peebles Exhibit Opening at Pine Rest Leep Art Gallery January 3

    A new exhibit titled, “Celebration,” by local artist George Peebles, opens at the Leep Art Gallery on January 3 at the Postma Center on the Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services campus in Grand Rapids. Grand Rapids artist George Peebles…

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  • Mon Feb 26th 2018 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

    Adult Healthy Living Group (Campus Clinic)

    Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services, Grand Rapids MI

    Designed to meet the needs of individuals who are struggling with depression, anxiety, or mood regulation problems, this Adult Healthy Living Group is held weekly on Mondays at Pine Rest's Campus Clinic.
  • Mon Feb 26th 2018 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

    Anchored in Hope Postpartum Therapy Group

    Pine Rest Portage Clinic, Portage MI

    This group is designed for women who are experiencing difficulties in the postpartum period, including, but not limited to, mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression, as well as other life issues.
  • Mon Feb 26th 2018 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

    Recovery Groups at the North Shore Clinic

    Pine Rest North Shore Clinic, Spring Lake MI

    These groups aim to support individuals who are struggling with addiction, 18 years or older. Attendees can expect to learn about early core recovery skills, relapse prevention skills, building support networks, managing difficult emotions and behaviors, and other skills necessary to secure and maintain recovery.

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