For Employers

Pine Rest Employee Assistance Program serves a wide variety of businesses and organizations. Our goal is to provide the support, counseling and guidance that human beings need whether it’s a one-on-one counseling session for an employee or assisting your leadership with crisis response efforts.

We offer a wide range of options to meet the needs of you, your company, your employees and their families.

  • A 24/7 telephone hotline
  • In person consultation or counseling
  • Elder care consultation
  • Legal consultation
  • Access to the Personal Advantage online library
  • Critical incident response services
  • Management consultation
  • Leadership training workshops
  • Onsite educational presentations

Services for Employees

Employees can select from several counseling options to fit their preference, needs and schedule. You can explore all of our services and learn more about our counseling programs and services now.

Telephone Hotline

Employees and their family members can call a dedicated 800 number to access assistance 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week. A Pine Rest Counselor (psychologist or clinical social worker) will be engaged within one hour of the service request.

Face-to-face Professional Counseling or Consultation

Within 48 hours an appointment will be scheduled with experienced Pine Rest psychologists and clinical social workers at any of our clinic locations. Pine Rest contracts with employers for a specific number of counseling sessions per employee/per issue/per year.

Many of your employees may be facing the daunting challenge of caring for an elderly loved one. Evaluating the services needed and tracking down resources, all while trying to provide support for emotional and daily living needs of a loved one can be overwhelming and exhausting. Pine Rest’s EAP provides telephonic access to an elder care specialist, who works directly with your employee to make a careful assessment of the individual’s care needs. The specialist will provide education and contact information for available local care and service options, guiding the employee throughout the selection process.

Consultation for elder care resources include:

  • Assisted living facilities
  • Adult foster care
  • Nursing homes
  • Senior communities
  • Adult day programs
  • In-home care, recreational therapy and transportation options
  • Meals on wheels
  • Case management services
  • Support groups & other senior care organizations

Pine Rest EAP has negotiated a free consultation and discounted hourly rates for EAP members at the West Michigan law firm of Rhoades McKee, a full-service law firm helping families and individuals, small growing businesses and large corporations understand and address legal issues since 1960.

  • 30-minute free telephonic consultation
  • 20% discount off the attorney’s normal hourly rate

Your employees will have access to the Personal Advantage Web library. The cloud-based service provides instant access to health and wellness, financial, and legal information and much more. The Health and Wellness section alone contains over 2,000 Harvard Medical School reviewed articles, 700 videos and dozens of health assessments. The Financial section provides articles, calculators as well as federal and state tax forms—resources that might come in handy this time of year. A company-specific password is necessary to log in and access most of the information. The site may prompt users to set up an individual account if they want to save results from calculators, quizzes or assessments.

EAP Personal Advantage

Services for Leadership

Today’s workplaces are complex. Unresolved employee issues often cause productivity loss, absenteeism, co-worker conflicts, accidents and turnover. All of these issues can result in increased employer costs. Additional costs can be incurred in time spent by supervisors, management and HR staff in attempts to improve employee issues.

The Pine Rest EAP provides confidential consultations for your leadership staff with Master’s and Doctoral level clinicians to assist with evaluation, support, and recommendations to assist in facilitating a resolution in the workplace. We also provide resource and reference materials so that they are equipped to respond to minor situations before they become major production issues.

Pine Rest’s team of specially trained consultants are available immediately 24/7 in the time of crisis. We believe there is no greater honor and no greater responsibility than to be there for people on the worst day of their life. A calling to this mission drives training, consultation, and response to their emergency, crisis or tragedy.

Pine Rest EAP Critical Incident Response professionals provide expert support to leaders of organizations; both for their internal needs and for their provision of healing to the surrounding community. We’re available via phone, video conference or in person/on the ground support for your organization to help employees deal with unforeseen traumatic events such as workplace accidents involving the death of a co-worker, suicide of a co-worker, robberies, violence, natural disasters, and more.

Crisis Consultation

Skilled crisis response consultants can be available immediately telephonically, via video live-feed, or on-site to support the organization’s leadership as critical, time-sensitive decisions are made and communicated.

On-site Crisis Response Services

Delivery of competent compassion goes a long way toward facilitating resilience. Selecting from a continuum of structured critical incident response group and individual interventions, the Pine Rest consultant provides a safe, directed environment to:

  • Consult with leadership to shape the response effectively
  • Position leadership favorably through shared messaging
  • Allow people to talk if they wish to do so
  • Identify and normalize acute traumatic stress reactions so that those impacted by them do not panic about them
  • Build group support within work teams
  • Outline self-help recovery strategies
  • Brainstorm solutions to overcome immediate return-to-function and return-to-life obstacles
  • Triage movement toward either immediate business-as-usual functioning or additional care

Video Live-feed Response Services

Pine Rest consultants can be immediately and visibly available to deliver the individual and group intervention structures noted above.

Telephonic Crisis Response Services

TeleResponse: Sometimes geography, time, or financial restraints prohibit gathering all stakeholders within one location. Pine Rest Consultants can facilitate interactive conference calls to facilitate group support, normalize traumatic stress reactions, provide applicable psycho-education, and mobilize helpful resilience strategies.

TeleCare: When the critical incident impacts a small number (1-3 individuals), a proactive, individualized response can be cost-effectively indicated. Pine Rest consultants make immediate, proactive, outbound telephone calls to individuals identified by the impacted organization’s leadership. The supportive call acknowledges the incident, expresses care on behalf of the organization, allows for sharing of what occurred, normalizes reactions, and provides psycho-educational resiliency suggestions. Those involved may call back for additional support as much as needed 24/7 for ten days. On the tenth day an additional outbound call will be made to assess status and discuss any additional recovery strategies.