Crisis Response Videos


Pine Rest provides the archive of videos below to help leadership at all organizations prepare and provide strong leadership.

Building Resilience During COVID-19 Crisis

Building Resilience During COVID-19 Crisis

Bob VandePol, MSW, Executive Director of the Pine Rest Employee Assistance Program presents a series of resiliency boosting strategies and insights.

Employee Assistance Program Videos

Domestic Violence and the Workplace

February 21, 2017 — Not just a domestic issue, domestic violence and its repercussions affect your employees and your workplace. Through presentations and case studies, this important half-day presentation helps leadership and managers to  better understand domestic violence and its impacts, develop skills and policy to guide response, and learn about resources available to you and your employees. Presenters included:

  • Lesley Coghill, LMSW, Prevention and Outreach Coordinator, Center for Women in Transition
  • Jeff Lukas, Gentex
  • Danielle Lucksted, MA, Prevention and Education Program Manager at Safe Haven Ministries
  • Zoe Martinez, Rhoades McKee
  • Holly Seymour, MA, Program Director, Center for Women in Transition
  • Bob VandePol, LMSW, Director, Pine Rest Employee Assistance Program

Watch Domestic Violence and the Workplace.

Pine Rest Eldercare

March 3, 2015 — In the United States today, nearly 34 million caregivers face the daunting challenge of caring for an elderly loved one. Almost 80% of the care of older adults is provided by family and friends, and 59% of these unpaid caregivers are in the workforce. This results in $17.1 billion in losses to employers from unscheduled absenteeism, employee attrition, and lost productivity and for the employees—overwhelming stress that affects work and family life, lost promotional opportunities, and reduced or loss of income.

This seminar engaged behavioral health experts and an attorney who are specialists in elder care issues to address:

  • Recommendations for business leaders with employees wrestling with elder care challenges
  • Practical suggestions for interacting with those with dementia
  • Legal and financial strategies for employers and families
  • Information regarding Pine Rest resources and the new Elder Care Consultation service available to EAP and CAP customers

Watch Honoring Your Mother and Father.

Pax Crisis Response Videos

World Renew Videos

Bob VandePol of Pax Crisis Response leads a 4-part video series created for World Renew Disaster Response Services.

Everyone Responds to Tragedies Differently 

The Do’s and Don’ts

Take Care of Yourself

Encountering Anger and How to Respond

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