For Employees

EAP Benefits for Employees

From time to time in everyone’s life, a concern arises that, despite our best efforts, we can’t handle on our own. We may feel helpless and wonder where we can turn for help.

Many employers are committed to assisting employees and their families in getting the help they need, have partnered with Pine Rest to provide many of by providing access to Pine Rest’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which recognizes life’s stressors can affect your health—physically, mentally and spiritually. The EAP is a pre-paid, confidential 24/7 service that assists employees as well as their household members with support for their mental and behavioral health, legal, elder care consultation and other needs.

If your employer has contracted with Pine Rest, you may be eligible for the services listed below.

Please consult with your manager or human resources department for questions about your benefit and how to access services.

Counseling & therapyAvailable via telephone hotline, in clinic and/or teletherapy. Some common issues are addictions, anxiety, depression, difficult transitions, grief and loss, parenting, relationships, stress and trauma.
Assessment for substance use
Elder care consultationAssessment, education and contact info for local care and service options.
Legal consultationFree consultation, discounted hourly rates
Financial consultationFree consultation, discounted professional services for one year
Personal Advantage online libraryInstant access to health and wellness, financial, and legal information and much more