Mental Health Tips for a Calmer New Year by Dr. Lawrence Probes

Mental Health Tips for a Calmer New Year by Dr. Lawrence Probes

January 1, 2021

Dr. Lawrence Probes, psychiatrist at our Traverse City Clinic, was recently featured as part of an article by 9&10 News titled ‘Resolution Solutions for 2021’. The story gathered advice from six local experts on how to make New Year’s resolutions lasting and successful.

Dr. Probes focused on tips for de-stressing in 2021. Acknowledging that totally removing stress from our lives is never possible, he offers ways to minimize the effects of the stress that we do face.

“Try reframing situations to look for ways to keep a positive attitude,” he recommends. “Recognize that some things cannot be changed and try asserting yourself positively.”

Dr. Probes emphasizes the important role that physical activity, good nutrition and effective time management skills play in reducing stress. He also offers tips parents can use to help their children deal with stress and outlines important warning signs of stress in children to look for such as:

  • Anger
  • Crying
  • Clinginess
  • Decreased concentration or motivation
  • Regression to earlier comfort behaviors (such as nail-biting, thumb-sucking, etc.)

Seeking support from friends and loved ones is important part of the coping process. Dr. Probes also suggests considering professional mental health treatment for those who may need additional help managing stress and anxiety in themselves or their children.


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